Hi! My name is Ben Smith and I’m a coach and one of the owners here at Made2Live CrossFit. My passion for CrossFit sprouted about eight years ago. I caught a glimpse of the CrossFit Games on ESPN and knew that it was the exact type of training I had been looking for! One of the things that I love the most about it is how you discover physical capabilities that you never knew you had. The most rewarding thing to me as a coach is seeing people move better over time. I believe good movement is the key to athletic progression, not just being strong and forcing a lift. It’s super fun to help people make that same realization. I like to promote open-mindedness in training because that has been so fundamental to my progression in CrossFit. Ultimately, what makes me tick and gives me passion for all that I do is the purpose I find through Jesus Christ. That’s where I find my strength to overcome the battles we face in our everyday lives! I’m excited to meet you and help you build and maintain healthy habits that will transfer into all areas of life. And not to mention, you’re also going to make some lifelong friends here at Made2Live CrossFit!

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