CrossFit, M2L Strength, M2L Boot Camp, & Open Gym Unlimited Membership

Single: $159
Discount: $135
-Discount Categories: Military (active/retired), First Responders, Teachers/Students, Medical/Human Services Professionals (ie. Nurses, Doctors, Counselors, Therapists, etc.)
Couples: $289
Couples Discount: $270
Family: $289 + $100(3rd) + $50(for each additional family member)
Family Discount: $270 + $100(3rd) + $50(for each additional family member)
CFL1 Discount: $125

This membership gives you unlimited access to all our different types of group fitness classes!

Personal Training

$36/30 min
$499 for 8-1 hr sessions($62.38/session)
$277 for 8-30 min sessions($34.63/session)
$720 for 12-1 hr sessions($60/session)
$399 for 12-30 min sessions($33.25/session)
$920 for 16-1 hr sessions($57.50/session)
$510 for 16-30 min sessions($31.88/session)

Working 1-on-1 with a coach is the quickest way to the results you want. When you sign up for Personal Training with us, you’re signing up for a unique program specifically for your current fitness level. Our Coaches will track your progress over the course of your sessions.

We recommend you take advantage of at least one Personal Training session per week along with your Group Classes to ensure maximum results.

M2L Boot Camp Unlimited Membership

Single: $109/mo
Discount: $99/mo
-Same discount categories as listed under “CrossFit, M2L Strength, M2L Boot Camp, & Open Gym Unlimited Membership”.
Couple: $198/mo
Family: $198(couple) + $70(3rd) + $35(for each additional family member)

This is our boot camp style class. The classes are kept to 45 min to help fit into your busy schedule! You’ll get a great sweat while being able to get in and out of the gym quick!

$ 40 for the week

Intro Class Features

$ 99 per month



During this time, we’ll help you feel welcome, provide a quick gym tour, then sit down and talk about next steps. If you choose, we will have you do a short workout so we can set some benchmarks and assess where you are.