M2L Trucker Hat


We selected this brand and style of trucker hat, because it has the best fit of any we have found. You will not be disappointed with it! Our logo is laser etched on a gray leather patch.



This item is a part of our pre-sale. We are teaming up with The Kôr Method for it, and donating all profits to loavesandfishesmn.org!

The pre-sale will run through Thursday, December 31st. After that point we will place the order and a turn around of 1-2 weeks can be expected. Once the apparel items are complete we will send out a message on our Facebook and Instagram page letting everyone who ordered know. The pickup location will be Made2Live Fitness, 785 20th Unit #300, Newport, MN 55055, but we will also have a shipping option available.

Thanks so much for your support of Made2Live Fitness!

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